Spendroid - Finance Manager 5.1.1

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Start managing your daily expenses today with Spendroid!

Spendroid is a world ready personal finance manager with rich, beatuful UI and powerful analysis features. Engilish or Japanese UI. A lots of currencies which are independent from UI and Device locale settings.

Advantages on the payed edition:
*Multi-books features

•New! Payment Book (eMoney, pre-paied card etc.)
•New! Android 3.0 Tablets (Beta)
•New! Favorite Categories
•New! Filter setting to exclude or include future transactions
•New! Record Input Shortcut
•New! Daily/Tag header

•Auto Scheduled Backup
•Backup all data
•Books aggregation view
•Creadit filter
•Save data to SD
•Customizable 2 level categories
•Simple input
•Attach photo (pick from Gallary. Recommend "Directshot" app to take photos directly)
•Flexble analysis using sort and filters (dates, categories and credit, etc.)
•Save/Playback filter combination as Filterset
•Import/Export CSV
•Multiple currencies. Supporting world-wide currencies available on your device. (Independent from UI choice)
•Multiple books (Up to two in free edition)
•Deposit/Withdraw between books
•Balance adjustment
•6 theme colors for each books
•optimized for Landscape view
•Creadit card support
•Custom fiscal year and month
•Set reminder for future billing

Contact Info:
If you have any questions, trubles, please feel free to email.
Developer: Kenichi Miyazaki

[Recent Changes]
5/28/2011 V3.2
[New] Payment Book (eMoney, pre-paied card etc.)
Payment Book appears when editing/creating records so that you can directly deduct form other books. It is convinient for eMoney, pre-paied etc.
Payment Book can be set in new/edit book dialog and set "Use for Payments" checked.

5/13/2011 V3.1.3
[New] Favorite Categories, Filter out unused categories
[New] Filter setting to exclude or include future transactions
[New] Option for setting book manager as home view
[Bug Fix] Chart is blank after switching chart types.
[Bug Fix] Fraction digits appearance issues on some currencies

4/30/2011 V3.1.1
{Improvements] 1-up/down on tag order change
[Bug Fix] Crash if SD card has no empty space
[Bug Fix] Crash when showing pie chart with no data

4/13/2011 V3.1.0
[New] Record Input Shortcut
Create shortcut icons on Home screen so that you can quickly create new records. To create icon, long click empty space in Home and choose "Shortcut", "Spendroid Input".

[New] Day/Tag summary header
Shows Income/Expense summary on each day or tag (depends on selected sort order) in the main view.

[Bug Fix]
-If "Exclude Credit" is checked, Book balances and total asset value in BookManager shows wrong value.

-Icon and UI updates
-Save&Input Next button in the Record editor
-Added book and tag info in the Record editor
-Change the target book later from the Record editor

3/29/2011 V3.0.4/3.0.5
[Bug Fix]
-Filter sets are not correctly save from filter setting screen
-If "Credit Only" is specified in filter sets, could not cancel it
-Crash when deleting categories
-Crash when format/change SD card

3/23/2011 V3.0.3
[New]Auto Scheduled Backup
Auto backup all data following configurable invertavals such as once a day, a week, etc.

Show ads on the free edition

3/29/2011 V3.0.4
[Bug Fix] Crash when deleting category
[Bug Fix] Problems when format/change SD card

3/26/2011 V3.0.3
[New Feature] Auto scheduled backup

3/23/2011 V3.0.0
[New]Books Aggregation
Combine multiple books into the same view.

[New]Credit filter
Filter credit items only

[New]Save data to SD
Internal memory won't increase when inserting a lot of data

Now you can backup all books, categories and filters in single backup operation

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